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Meet Our Dogs



PHOENIX (aka Fishy)
Platnium ADCH, Gold LAA, C-ATE2, C-ATCH2, IAC3, IWAC2, 


Hob Nob Phoenix (aka FISH), 9 years old.  Phoenix has earned her Platinum USDAA Agility Dog Championship, Gold LAA, C-ATE and her IAC2, IWAC2.  She also earned her Platinum Tournament Champion USDAA title in 2019.  Fish placed 3rd in Biathlon Agility at the 2022 UKI US Open.  Fish has become quite the consistent little agility partner, but her greatest love is people.

image0 (1).jpeg
BROOKLYN (Chicken Nugget)


Hob Nob Brooklyn, 5 years old.  Brooklyn or as I like to call her Beasty is the sweetest girl.  She has earned her C-ATE and C-ATCH3 in CPE. Brook's favorite things are playing Frisbee and laying on your face.  She loves to swim but, she doesn't so much like to get out of the water!


Miles is from Double J Border Collies and recently turned 5 years old,,  He is sweet, cuddly, and a huge mama's boy.  Miles has earned his C-ATCH and ADCH in 2021 and his C-ATE in 2022.  Miles loves to play with Brook and Fish, he likes to tug, swim and hike with his friends. 


Madi is 3 years old.  We found Madi at 4 mos old through Facebook, she was rescued by Illinois Herding Dog Rescue.  Pictures were posted of her on FB and it was like we had to have her.  She is loud and wonderful.  Super sweet, super cute and completely full of Gremlin.  We found out in 2022, that Madi's love is Dock Diving.  She does agility from time to time, but her true love is jumping off the dock.

COTA (aka Bruce/Shark)


Cota turned 1 on 2/22/23.  She is petite with a big personality.  She has been learning Agility foundations and does not like when Darryl does not take her to the barn with him.  She has plenty to say when he doesn't and none of it is good.   We are looking forward to the journey with this little spitfire.


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